Our Services

Value Sport Agency clients’ are assured to benefit from the highest possible level of service and guidance.
Our goal is to maximize your earning potential, delivering a consinstent career progression.

Contract Negotiation

Maximizing our clients earning potential is priority at Value Sport Agency. Our broad experience in overseeing the execution of high profile players’ contracts, allow us to provide expert contract negotiation services and legal assistance to secure the best possible contract terms for our clients throughout their careers.

Financial Service & Tax

The career of a football player is short, therefore is imperative that the football player makes smart financial investments. At Value Sport Agency we realise how important is to keep focus on your game. Our dedicated team of financial advisors will be keeping their focus on safely increasing your wealth with a clear strategy goal agreed with the client and in line with your ambitions. What distinguishes Value Sport Agency from other agencies is that we value transparency and honesty our main requirements to a succesfull relationship with our clients.


In today’s game is important giving the right impression of yourself to your club, your fans, sponsors and commercial partners in the digital world. Therefore, we spend time to educate our clients on how to handle the media in both good and bad situations, by assisting them in managing all their communications, including social media.

Lifestyle Management

At Value Sport Agency we are committed to estabilsh very close and personal relationships with our clients. Our selected business partners work closely with us and our clients to provide a trasparent and high quality service in all aspects of their lifestyle as real estate purchase, car purchase and leasing, holidays, travel, hotel accommodation, VIP catering services and may more.


The development of scouting activity has led Value Sport Agency to build trust based and strong relationships with many clubs around the World. Attending to the most important international Youth tournaments and championships in Europe and abroad, we help clubs to identify players and manage their squad. We also have the abilities on how to organise and manage every kind of events around football as campus, tournaments, charity games, preseason stages, and high-performance trainings.